Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wifery Tales #3: Uniquely Garrison

Today is a special day.
It's Lance and I's first anniversary-
We survived our first year of marriage! Whoop whoop!
It's been full of adventure, full of both joy and hard, change, more change, major decisions and more weird then I EVER thought possible. (Ever.)

In a world of filtered social media pictures and articles that portray the 'perfect' image of marriage, it can be a major temptation to compare your own marriage to other people's.

"They do WAY more than we do.
They look way happier than we do.
They have more fun than we do.
They're more romantic than we are.
They have way less problems than we do."

Comparison is ugly. It fails to look through the lens of reality and tears down one's joy faster than anything else.
As Ann Voskamp says, "Comparison is a thug that steals your joy."

But I think that the antidote to comparison is celebration.
Because celebration is a form of thanksgiving, and thanksgiving brings to light the truth of God's goodness and provision in your life. Comparison drains and disheartens the soul, but celebration fills it back up to the point of overflow.

The truth is, EVERY marriage is different. Because *duh* every ONE is different.
Then why in the world do we expect them to look, work and function in the same way as everyone else's?
Just as God created each person uniquely, each marriage is unique and quirky in its own way.
That's how it should be!
With this being said, I just want to take a minute to celebrate 7 things I love about our 'Uniquely Garrison' marriage.

  1. Jesus. So cliche. Yet so true. He is Lance's shelter. He is my shelter. What a beautiful thing it is to hide in Jesus when the world doesn't make sense; when we don't understand each other; when we can't agree ;when there is no resolution to an argument other than to just pray that God would fix it- fix us. And He is faithful every single time to bring peace to disorder, to bind what was separated and to unite us through struggle. I can't say this with enough confidence :to agree on Him is the best thing.
  2. Laughter. It's the greatest medicine! Lance is made up of about 89.99% humor (and corny jokes. Ha!) and that just makes life fun. We accept and embrace each other's weirdness. It feels so GOOD to be free to be quirky.. and to feed off one another's strangeness. I friggin love it.
  3. Extroverts. We are both extroverts! I love that we both like to be around people a lot, have people over a lot, and hang out with people until the wee hours of the morning. It is a lot of fun to always be around friends while being with each other.
  4. Sleepovers. This sort of is my favorite. We still have sleepovers. (And yes, we are adults). Every once and awhile, I get together with all my girlfriends and have a sleepover at their house while he invites all the guys over for games and grub to stay at our house. Its stinkin' the best. Guys need guy time, and girls need girl time = This is the perfect solution! 
  5. I test the waters, and Lance cannonballs right into it. In almost any situation, I have to think, overthink and re-think about it before I make any kind of decision. And half the time I overthink because I'm afraid. Lance, however, sees an opportunity and in full confidence just goes for it-- Cannonballs right into opportunity. He helps me to "Go For It" and I help him " think about this for just a second.."
  6. Either Lance is a great 'gift' detective - or I'm horrible at surprises. Y'all. Nearly every single gift I've ever gotten the man-- He FINDS IT. Or he 'accidentally' looks on our Amazon to see recent purchases. Or I forget where I hid the gift and mistakenly tell him to get me something from the place I STASHED IT. (Sorry about ruining your anniversary present, btw) BAH. Good thing he doesn't like surprises that much. *or so he says*
  7. He cooks. He cleans. He launders. He does dishes. Sometimes I come home to warm cookies- GOSH-- So hot. This man. I used to feel so un-domestic because I thought I was supposed to do this stuff all the time, but why would I even complain!? It's so nice to have someone else help you out with all that house stuff. Even if he did one time mop the whole floor with half a bottle of undiluted-straight-up-bleach. *coughing/wheezing/dying for days*
The great thing is, that every marriage is unique. There are qualities in every marriage that are admirable and awesome because they are a reflection of two people making it work together. It's easy to lose sight of what you love in the lens of comparison. Yet, celebration can bring them back to life.

What are 7 things that make you "Uniquely ____________"?

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Scripture Typer: Making It Stick

I know I posted this long ole blog the other week about tons of reasons why we shouldn't be on our phones, but!

Here is one REALLY good reason why you should be.

The Scripture Writer App.
This app is the best thing ever.
I don't know about you, but I have the hardest stinkin' time memorizing scripture.
I don't know why either- If you think about it, it really isn't that hard.

Think about it, we can hear a song a few times and sing along to the whole thing the same week.
We can watch a movie once or twice and spout off quotes like clock work.
There are a thousand different buttons on Facebook and somehow we can manage to still remember which ones do which and how to navigate it effortlessly.

So why is memorizing a line so hard?I envy those people who can just spout out about anything from the Bible and I am just here like,
"Heyy-- I know John 3:16. And a ton of  'Jesus' quotes from Pinterest!" (That aren't even really that biblical... You know, like, "God won't give you more than you can handle <3 <3 ", "God Works in Mysterious Ways <3 <3)

How are we supposed to navigate a world with a thousand counterfeits if we don't have the real thing memorized?

How are we supposed to fight a spiritual fight if we aren't ingesting His Words and our Swords are at home collecting dust on a shelf?

I was thinking last week: "What if for some CRAZY reason, all of my Bibles were taken from me, erased from the Internet, and all of the sudden became almost impossible to access?"

Well, at least I have an arsenal of Pinterest Jesus quotes.... right?

Sure- If you're planning on going into a gruesome battle with a Nerf gun!

That question inspired me to at least try and memorize some scripture.

With the help of my beloved IPhone I found an amazing app to help me do that.
**Thank you iPhone for finding me a great app to help my poor soul**

It's called, Scripture Typer: A Bible Memory System.

Scripture Typer lets you select your own verses to memorize or you can choose to memorize verses from a specific category of scripture like The Romans Road, Salvation Verses, Verses on Temptation, exc. Then you go through three steps with each verse: Type It, Memorize It, and Master It. You do these three steps once a day (or multiple times, if you want more points ;) and it takes like 2 minutes. TWO MINUTES.  Then, each day it shoots you a notification on your phone to review your verses and do this process again. Once you have mastered a verse for a few days, it reminds you every 3, 4 ,5 days. Meanwhile, you just keep adding verses to practice. Over the course of a month you will have dozens memorized. You can do as many of these verses at a time as you want to . I've tried it for the past three weeks and I. AM. AMAZED.

Especially since my memory can be so sketchy, and this stuff is actually sticking.

So whether your waiting in line, sittin' on the toilet, taking a break from work, waiting at a stop sign (This was a trick one, don't text and drive, fool!) or before you go to bed-- Take TWO minutes and review your verses. It's crazy how repetition really makes things stick.

Oh, and did I mention it's free? Who doesn't like free things!

And if you just can't help yourself, you can upgrade and get cooler additions to make it more fun.

If you want to know more about it, there's a link in the sidebar!

Go download it --- Now! :)

Friday, July 1, 2016

Dear Generations of Women Before Us..

We need you.

I need you.
I know that we can be annoying with our face in our phones 3/4 of the time.
I know that you probably chuckle and grin inside when we talk about the struggles of growing up-
("They haven't seen nothin' yet!")
And sometimes we struggle to make a good conversation with you--
But we need you.
It may not seem like it, but we are dying to just glean wisdom from you.

You have an arsenal full of knowledge, of wisdom, of experience,
and that does not disqualify you or make you less relevant. It makes you all the more valuable and needed in a time when the connection gap between generations is so..

W  I  D  E.

We need your investment in our lives.
We need your advice to protect us from those falls that hurt so bad.
We need your voice of encouragement saying, "You can do this. I'm for you."


Because you are 12 steps ahead. 30 steps ahead. Maybe even just 2.

It doesn't matter.

You've been there.

You've done that.

You know what works and doesn't work.

It doesn't matter if your 90, 75, 48, 30, 22 or even 15 -

INVEST in the generations behind you.

To be frank: Our generation is surrounded by the influences of media, the high and mighty, and there are lies and promises thrown at us from 1,000 different directions. There are so many avenues that can take us the wrong way. We get lost in the mix and lost on the wrong trails.

From a Biblical stand point, investing in the next generation  is a command and an avenue in furthering God's word: Older women, train up the younger women (Titus 2:4-5).

Of course, parents play a HUGE, if not the main role in training up their children, young and old.

Yet, even though I'm not a parent, I would be willing to bet that parents want other good and wise people to help guide their children, right?

Just like the old phrase says, "It takes a village to raise a child." Heck, it takes a village to raise an adult, I think.

We know that you have families. You have jobs. You have school. You have children to invest in, too.

But just consider our generation and those behind us.

Find a way, big or small, to pour your life, your wisdom, your presence and experience into the next generation.

Even just a date to coffee every once and awhile. A walk once a week. Time spent on the porch. Be creative!

W h a t e v e r.
We just want to be with you!

What an amazing thing it would be to see each generation of women pouring into the next.

Imagine the hurt that could be avoided; the improvement in decision making; the growth that would take place just by gleaning from lessons you've already learned and can teach us.

Don't wait for us to come to you inquiring advice- Just INVADE our lives.

We give you permission to ask hard questions.
We give you permission to prod, and dig, and point areas in us that will cause a downfall down the road.
We give you permission to say, "Hey, that's a really stupid idea. Here's a better way!"

I encourage you- actually I beg you- find a younger gal pal and invest in her.

Get real. Get honest. Let us know we aren't CRAZY for going through what we are.

You've been there- You know.

Mentorship/ Discipleship/Investment in the next generation is SO essential for growth.

And it WILL change the world.

It WILL change generations, after generations, after generations.

Your story is so relevant, so on purpose-- and it can change the stories of other women.

It can change ours. And theirs.

And years down the road, when the lady you've invested in starts investing in another--the legacy of your story is interweaved throughout her life, though you may never meet.

We love you, look up to you, and want your friendship and mentorship more than you know.


The Younger Gen of Women.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My Not So Secret Lover

You're the first face I see when I wake up in the morning,
The last when I go to bed.
You have all of my attention
Before a word is even said.
There is so much to know about you,
I don't think I'll ever stop
Searching, longing to know this love that has me caught.
I catch myself staring at you all throughout the day,
Your charm is ever changing,
I can rarely look away.
Even in a crowded room you always have my gaze.
Because nothing else matters when you're in front of my face.
In you, I find the cure to my gaping loneliness,
Because you're faithfully there for me at my every request.

Most say our love is inseparable.

When my relationships fail, your a constant one
I always go to you, because I know you won't run.
To touch you is something I crave and long for,
Our love is thriving because we give each other more
Time and focus than any one in our lives
With eyes always on each other, you keep me satisfied.
I give you more of myself than anyone I know,
For you are my beloved, faithful iPhone.

Read it again. 

Its pretty true, isn't it?

It shouldn't be this way.

According to a study done at Baylor University, "women college students spend an average of ten hours a day on their cellphones and men college students spend nearly eight".

Ten hours a day- Are you kidding me? 

And, according to a study done at Harvard, out of 1600 participants:
  • 70% said they check their smartphone within an hour of getting up.
  • 56% check their phone within an hour of going to sleep.
  • 48% check over the weekend, including on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • 51% check continuously during vacation.
  • 44% said they would experience "a great deal of anxiety" if they lost their phone and couldn't replace it for a week.

We're draining our brains for ten hours a day looking at pictures, videos, other people's daily #struggles on Facebook, playing games and seeing how 'liked' we are.

Meanwhile the people that love us have our divided attention as we live life with them while being somewhere else mentally.

These wasted hours could have been spent with friends and family. Minutes that could have been spent encouraging or checking up on a friend. Time that could be spent in the Word. Time spent just being intentional with someone else.

How much life are we missing out on here?

How much are we neglecting our relationships? Our friendships?

For something that promises connection, it sure acts as an agent in helping us lose it with the people right in front of us.

Something that was meant to be a tool, has become a tyrant of time. 

What was meant to be merely a device, has become divisive. 

What was intended to bring people together, has separated us more than ever.

Don't get me wrong- Phones can be good and helpful!

Yet, like every good thing- Balance has to be present.

And I don't really know what that looks like- but I'm trying to figure it out.

Because how sad to get to the end of my life and realize I missed out on knowing God deeper, giving my full attention to my husband, my kids (future, I'm not preggers), ministry, my friendships, and reaching out to others because my face was glued to a screen. 

I don't want those around me to be starved for my attention because I gave too much of it to an object.

Let us put the dang phone down-- and really be present for those around us.

And, if you're an addict like me, take the Hands Free Challenge! It's a great place to start!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wifery Tales #2: A Wedding, A Thief, and Four Staples

This weekend was certainly one for the books.

We got to have a little weekend getaway in Albuquerque because Lance's cousin, Dustin and his new wife Melanie got married! It was such a sweet wedding-- Aren't they cute?!

We had a blast seeing family and friends--oh and so much dancing-- so much fun! 

But after the wedding is when the real adventure began.

We got to stay in a hotel and enjoy all the luxuries of that: free breakfast, soft comforters, no need for cleaning your room... Except for, well- we were in a rough part of town. 
The first night we got there, someone tried breaking into Lance's truck and in the morning, all of the rubber seal on the windows had been pressed down as if someone tried to get an in with a crowbar and a hanger. 

Being the obsessively secure man that Lance is, as soon as we got back to the hotel from the wedding, he decided to go check on his truck before we called it a night. 

AN HOUR LATER... Lance came back saying that he saw a suspicious vehicle drive out of a hotel across the street and then drove into our hotel parking lot-- only to park by Lance's cousins vehicle. So, Lance  camped out in his truck to see what they were doing (and got their license plate!). One of the men in the vehicle got out and started looking in all the cars in the parking lot when he was interrupted by the security guard, Ernie, who approached the scene. At the sight of his car, the two hooligans fled the scene. Lance talked with Ernie for awhile and gave him the license plate number and his testimony.

It turned out that Ernie had run these guys off before but could never get their license plate! Now that he had it, Ernie decided to call the police and file a report. The police said that license plate had been stolen off of another car that day, and were very busy that night so they would be by later and would need Lance's testimony. 

Meanwhile, I am back in the hotel room all snuggled up in my comfy pajamas watching Full House (does it get any better than that?!) wondering what the heck is taking Lance so long! He  finally comes back to the room and tells me the whole story about the crazy men and that how he has to stay awake because he will be getting a phone call from Ernie to come down and give his testimony. 

Well, I for one, am exhausted at this point because it is now approaching 1:00 a.m. 

My eyes slowly begin to close as I gracefully fall asleep on Lance's chest....

**Poke Poke**

Eyes slowly open.. and then close.

**Poke Poke**

Eyes slowly open to see googly eyes from my husband. 

**Eyes roll**

"What, babe? I'm sleeping.." I mumbled

"Boooo-- We're in a hotel.... ;) Come on....."

** More googly eyes and a cheesy smile**

(I'm going to let YOU connect the dots about what this fellow was alluding to..)

And being the awesome wife that I am, although tired and weary, I consent... 

But ONLY--If he brushes his teeth. 

"Nooooo! I don't want to! I'm already here! Come on!"


Instead of getting up to brush his teeth, he begins ruthlessly tickling me. 

**Begin Rant**

To all the male readers: Remember in middle school when you had the bright idea to 'tickle' that girl you liked *hoping* that she would think it was cute and flirtatious? And then for the rest of your life you kept doing it? And after you got married, you STILL think its a good idea?

Well its not cute. Its not funny. Its not romantic. And it SUCKS. 

Tickling SUCKS.

1. Because it hurts
2. Because you aren't in control of your random spazzes/kicks/punches/slapping that result from the repetitive poking
3. Because it makes you lose control of your bladder
4. Because it makes you laugh, when really, ITS NOT FUNNY, it hurts. But for some reason laughter is the only thing that comes out. Which signals to the guy, "Keep tickling me! I like it!" 


No, no, no--No. 

Tickling leads to bad things. 

**End Rant**

Back to the story.

At this point, we are on the edge of the side of the bed with Lance hidden under the covers, tickling his poor wife who is trying to escape him. 

When all of the sudden.....


Remember what I said about spastic kicking? Well.. I may have accidentally kicked my husband like a mule and sent him flying off the bed.

I am still on the bed, hanging off the side, laughing while blurting out "Are you okay" haha "are you okay?!" 

White face. Groans. Eyes rolling back. Bad words. 

Lance reaches his hand behind his head and as he pulls it back-- It's COVERED in blood. 

I grab his head forward to look at it. HUGE gash-- My hand is now covered in blood.

(Betcha never saw THAT in a steamy romance movie...)

"Oh my gosh... GO get my Dad-- I need to go to the E.R."

When white coat syndrome Lance says he needs to go to the E.R.-- You better believe something is wrong. 

I run down the hallway to get his parents while he runs downstairs with nothing on but shorts with a towel compressed on his head and blood dripping down his back. (You can imagine what the front desk worker is thinking...)

We all hop in the car and rush to the ER. As we're driving--IT clicks. 

The police are still supposed to call back. And Lance said he would be there. 

Can you imagine this with me? 

Officer to Ernie: "Hey. This dude isn't answering his phone and he said he would.. He gave me his room number, lets go do a knock and talk so we can get his testimony and complete the report."

There is a bloody handprint on the outside of the hotel room door.

A comforter on the floor soaked in blood.

Little drippings of Lance's blood all over the bathroom and the doorknob.


Did I mention Lance left his gun on the nightstand? right by alllll this blood? (Yes, we are 2nd amendment believers.)


Arlene and I drop the half clothed Lance, and his dad off at the ER and go back to the hotel room where we clean up all the blood and conveniently run into the police officer that was about to contact Lance about the report. We caught him just in time to let him know Lance busted his head open and wouldn't be able to speak with him. 

Back to the ER we go to find out that Lance had a 1 inch gash in his head and had to get four staples to the head (poor baby!)

But don't worry. Lance was snap chatting away, laughing and having a good time as he explained how excited he was about now having a FIFTH hospital gown to add to his collection ( the man is a nut case, I tell ya.)

3 A.M. rolls around-- and we are finally headed back to the hotel to get back to sleep.

That. That was the weirdest, most eventful night of my life. 

What was supposed to be romantic, turned hysterically tragic in only a matter of seconds.

And that ladies and gentleman, is how foreplay lead to four staples

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Anatomy of a Tick

The Garrison household has officially gained a new family member:

Everyone meet: Tiller!

Oh my-- Ain't he cute?? 

This would be my very first puppy of all time! You know, one that I picked out, have to feed and bathe-- One I am 'responsible' for. I mean I've had a dog before, but my dad did all that stuff and I just played with him :) 

He is such a good dog. He snuggles, doesn't bark outrageously when we put him in his kennel to go to sleep, he gets along with Dozer (our other pup), his "outside peeing skills" are definitely improving, and his personality is just hilarious! 

And. His whimper. Good gracious-- It is SO cute! Every time I come to get him from outside, he leaps into my arms and whimpers as I rub his belly. Mmm.. Melt my heart.
One of my sweet friends came over to see the little guy a few months ago and as she was admiring him and petting him, she stopped and pulled back his fur and said:

"Oh no, Kaitlin, is that a tick?"

Well, I for one couldn't tell you that because I had never seen a tick before! 

But after seeing four, five, six little reddish brown things burrowed in his ear, I was sure I never wanted to again! 

They're gross. Absolutely gross little blood- sucking varmints. 

Not to mention, they infested my poor little puppy! 

We went through his head and ears and plucked them suckers out of his fur as he yelped (break my heart) and squirmed. Finally-- we had gotten them all out!

Or, I thought we did. 

Until I found a dozen more the next day after I gave him a bath. 

And then more few weeks later.

And then a few more months later.

Blegh, it just creeps me out that there could still be dozens of little pathogens on my puppy as I watch him scratch and itch and roll all over the carpet (Lord, if one of those things crawl on me... I'll die). 

So, my disgust and sorrow for my stickered puppy drove me to do some research on these creatures.

*Why* did I spend an hour at the library looking at dozens of pictures and diagrams of ticks? I have no idea. The people sitting next to me at the library probably thought I was trippin' out on drugs because I kept compulsively scratching and itching, squirming and lifting up clothing articles to make sure there was no bugs in my skin. Elgh!  

Yet! Here is some interesting facts about ticks you probably NEVER wanted to know!

Did you know?

Ticks find their "hosts" simply by detecting their odor, body heat or vibrations. Therefore, they pick well used paths where they know animals commonly travel. When an animal walks by, they do not jump or fly to clasp to the animal, but instead they do this thing called questing. When a tick quests, they first climb up to the very top of a blade of grass. Because the tick has four pairs of legs, it grabs on to the blade of grass with it's third and fourth pair and then with its first pair of legs outstretched, it literally waits for for a "host" to brush by it so it can CLING to it! Ticks like to hide in dark places- places that they can hide and not be found. Therefore, they usually hide in the ears.

**Be advised, this gets a little nasty.**

Then. Once the tick grabs onto the fur they insert a feeding tube. Yeah. A FEEDING TUBE. Then, they secrete this concrete type stuff that keeps them attached as they 'feed'. Lastly, they give off this "anesthetic" fluid stuff that makes it to where the animal can't feel that the tick is there. They survive by the blood of another, and they die by being fully uprooted from the skin.

Those SNEAKY little turds. They are so disgustingly...clever.

Weird, I know. However, the more I read about how these tricksters find their victims, how they survive, and how they die--I began to realize the strikingly similar tactics that we all fall prey to, without even being aware of it. 

I realized that the anatomy and function of a tick, is a lot like the anatomy and function of sin.

Think about it. Satan knows our biggest weaknesses and temptations. He knows those paths we unfortunately tend to drift towards when we fall into temptation. And HELLO! There he is waiting, arms outstretched, prowling around like a lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). Sin is always crouching at the door looking for prey, someone to cling to--someone to master.  And once a sinful habit attaches itself, it starts to suck the life out of ya. But, it doesn't do it in plain sight- no. Like ticks, the quickest and fastest growing sins are well hidden and out of sight. So nobody sees, nobody knows and light can't expose it.

Sin loves to hide. Which makes us hide- from God, from His Word, from the people that love us the most. Hiding makes you lonely. And loneliness is the best place for sinful habits to keep feeding and  festering and inviting their friends because there isn't anyone to point out what they see. No one to keep you accountable.

There are some sins that are PLAIN as day and everyone can see the manifestations of it. But then there are the 'secret' sins that we like to ignore and pretend they aren't there. They keep us in the dark. Then, the guilt and shame that come with sinful behavior creates that same 'anesthetic' that makes us turn a blind eye to the very thing that destroys us. The sin keeps sucking and we're left wondering, "Why do I feel so empty? Why do I feel so lifeless?"

And! Isn't it a coincidence that ticks love to hide in the ears? Isn't that the same with sin? We hear a lie, we believe a lie. We keep hearing that lie over and over instead of the voice of the Savior. That still small voice becomes so muffled between all the itching and scratching of trying to shoo those lies away.

No wonder these ticks hack me off-- I'm sure the Good Lord feels the same way when we walk through those tick ridden paths with eyes wandering making sure no one sees. As time goes on we get tangled up, wrapped up in so many snares that we're itching, scratching and rolling around in the dirt trying to relieve the itch and heal ourself.

The same ridiculous look that dogs have when they're pawing at their ears, biting themselves, rolling around on the floor trying to remove the ticks is the same way we look when we think that we can handle, heal and "fix" ourselves by 'scratching' hard enough to remove the stain of our sin. In this 'Do It Yourself' day and age, it is incredibly difficult to take our hands OFF and let God fix us. Yet, in Ephesians 2:8-10, Paul writes such a beautiful truth that ushers us to release our control and let God:

 "God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it. 10 For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago."

One night, I had just finished bathing Tiller and again, I found dozens of ticks all in his ears. One by one I picked them out of his fur and he kept whimpering, squirming and trying to scratch his own ears. I'm thinking to myself "Tiller! I promise I'm not trying to hurt you but you can't get them out by yourself! I'm the one with the tweezers and I'm the only one that can do it RIGHT!"

As I realized this, my face just twisted thinking about how I so many times am this puppy in God's hands with attachments, strongholds and hang ups that I can't seem to scratch hard enough to remove and yet, the more i scratch, the deeper they burrow. The more I hurt. The longer I suffer. The more sin reproduces itself and covers more areas of my heart. Yet, here I am hindering my own healing by squirming in the arms of the Savior refusing to let him set me free because I'm ashamed. I'm guilt ridden and by golly, I can fix this because I got myself into this!

The antidote, the only antidote for sin, is outside intervention from the only One who can truly remove, uproot and set us free from hiding. The One with the cleansing blood of sacrifice and the tweezers that uproot the weeds of bitterness that burrow deep. As Martin Luther King Jr. puts it, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that."

Let Him in. Let Him heal. Let go.

Lessons learned from a tick infested puppy.

 (Who is now tick free... and definitely doesn't fit in Lance's shoe anymore.)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

With Me

God, you know the end from the beginning.  You see it all. Even
On days I feel like my sight has been taken away by the
Daunting fear of the unknown.

In everything I've ever done, you've been with me--
Side by side, hand in hand, you haven't left me once.

Whenever I walk through times of darkness, where the next step
Is one I can't see or feel, you always lead me by
The hand, speak to me in whispers, and
Hold me in the times when I become discouraged by my lack of faith.

Mold my heart into one that fully trusts you-- Leans on you, depends on you, and is
Eager to follow you, even if that is to dangerous places. Places that call for

Adventure's in trust, trials in faith, crazy love, a
Nose to the ground in surrender, hands that
Dare to empty themselves of dreams, comfort, and self will.

Form in me a heart that seeks your pleasure
Over man's opinion.
Remind me that this journey is all about knowing you

More. In the ups and down and through every back road, help me to
Embrace the adventure and cling to the peace you've already granted to me.

God, You are with me.